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Cross Cultural Communication Workshop for TMJ Philippines

SpiceWorx conducted a 2-day Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop for TMJ Philippines BPO Services, Inc. (TMJP), who started their operation in the Philippines in December 2015. Nineteen (19) participants included the CEO and other Japanese expats as well as Filipino members of the company.

Through the workshop, participants realized that some (or many?) of the judgments they make every day are based on biased or wrong assumptions or ignorance of nonverbal contexts such as culture and values. 日本語版はこちら

Participants also discovered quite a lot about each other by sharing the results of pre-workshop survey on Filipinos’ perception about Japanese and Japanese perception about Filipinos and holding open dialogue about the findings.

At the end of the workshop, everybody made an action plan on how they want to change themselves, for better cross cultural communication and team work in TMJP.

SpiceWorx is grateful for the feedback from participants as follows.

  • It was an excellent workshop not only to learn cross cultural communication but also as team building.
  • I liked the workshop because I was able to hear my colleagues’ frank opinion.
  • I understood how Filipino colleagues feel about work-life balance.
  • I have learned a lot and I am already sharing it to my community.
  • My biggest learning was to have realized the importance of seeing things from other people’s perspective.

SpiceWorx envisions becoming the Catalyst of Global business Success Born in Asia. And conducting cross cultural communication workshop for the team of Japanese and Filipinos at TMJP is perfectly aligned with our vision. We are thankful to TMJP for their trust to SpiceWorx to conduct such workshop and wish all the best for TMJP team to make their global business success a reality.

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