Do you work in a company with a mix of Japanese and Filipino team members? Are there miscommunications and/or frictions within the team due to cultural differences? Discover each other's culture and values as well as cross cultural communication tools in a workshop specially designed for companies like yours.


Are you a Filipino working with Japanese? Do you feel your Japanese colleague or counterpart do not understand your point of view? Learn more about their history, culture and value, and have them understand yours. Work-related communication will be smoother in no time. Watch the video and let SpiceWorx help you.

Are you a Japanese working in the Philippines? Building a harmonious team between you and your local members may be a challenge. Watch the video and learn how SpiceWorx can help you transform from a confused expat into a confident global business leader.


SpiceWorx conducted a 2-day Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop for TMJ Philippines BPO Services, Inc. (TMJP), who started their operation in the Philippines in December 2015. Nineteen (19) participants included the CEO and other Japanese expats as well as Filipino members of the company.

Through the workshop, participants realized that some (or many?) of the judgments they make every day are based on biased or wrong assumptions or ignorance of nonverbal contexts such as culture and values. 日本語版はこちら

SpiceWorx helps companies considering to invest in the Philippines or looking for business partner in the Philippines through research, consultation and advisory. Read the success story of one of our clients, a large Japanese education service company who found a reliable BPO partner in the Philippines.

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