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Preparing Young Japanese for Global Business

SpiceWorx organizes and delivers customized training seminar programs for Japanese enterprise and universities in the Philippines. All programs are conducted in English and in a cross cultural environment having both Filipinos and Japanese participants together.

One of Japan's Major Systems Integrators Needed their Young Employees to be Prepared for Global Business
- Predominantly domestic market oriented IT solution provider with 12,000 employees.
- Strategically expanding their market to outside Japan and targeting to dramatically increase their revenue from overseas market.
- Employees did not have the mindset and skill set to do business outside Japan.
- CEO decided to send all new (fresh graduate) employees to undergo English and business training overseas.
SpiceWorx Solution
Organized a customized training program to address the need of Company A's fresh grad employees and conducted it in Manila, Philippines, the third largest English speaking population country in the world.
Designed and implemented joint training program by mixing Filipino participants with Japanese participants to infuse cross cultural experience for participants from both countries.
The program was a combination of selected courses from the following, all conducted in English by Filipino instructors/facilitators.
  • Business English
  • Team Building
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Communication Assertiveness
  • Negotiation
  • Presentation
  • Sales
  • Social Grace / Table Manner
  • Computer Network Design Workshop
  • Field Trip - Focused on History & Culture
  • Field Trip - Focused on Business (visiting companies)
Selected instructors and facilitators from various professional training service providers based in the Philippines.
Created safety and health guidelines and conducted orientation for Japanese participants
Implemented risk management that passed the audit of the client company known to have very strict risk management standard.
Conducted pre training and post training assessment and reported to the client.
- Over 3 years, 180 new employees of company A underwent 3 week customized business training in the Philippines 
- Improved English proficiency manifested in TOEIC score improvement 
- Decreased hesitance in speaking in English 
- Improved English presentation skills 
- Positive change in accepting and embracing diversity rather than avoiding
- Decreased hesitance towards overseas assignment or business trip
- Increased interest and eagerness for global business 
- Many of them are actually deployed in global business and traveling across Asia, Europe and North America
- Company A endorsed SpiceWorx to other Japanese enterprise looking for global human resource development programs.
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