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On Friday, November 29, 2013, SpiceWorx conducted a Cross Cultural Communication Workshop for Japanese expats in Manila, in collaboration with Mr. Keisuke Taketani.  Mr. Taketani is a Cross Cultural communication expert who had conducted such workshop around the world during his tenure with Asian Development Bank (ADB), UNICEF, UNDP and Ford Motors. 

SpiceWorx and Mr. Taketani jointly designed the workshop to help Japanese expats improve communication with Filipino colleagues, subordinates, superiors, customers and partners by understanding some basic concepts, frameworks and tools of cross cultural communication and various contexts of the Philippines such as history, culture, values and Filipino mentality.  

SpiceWorx successfully concluded a Cross Cultural Exposure Program in Metro Manila, Philippines for Japan's Rikkyo University College of Business students. Nine Japanese student experienced a deep immersion into the Filipino culture, learned about Philippine business environment and reflected on their discoveries and experiences.

Learn more about the highlights of their stay, how they gained new perspectives towards the end of the program and why SpiceWorx received a 100% Excellent rating from the students.

The College of Business of Rikkyo University in Tokyo, as part of their initiatives towards developing Japanese talents who can lead businesses in Asian market,  will conduct a cross cultural exposure program in Manila for its students from late August 2013.  Rikkyo University tapped SpiceWorx as their program coordinator in Manila.

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