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Are you a Filipino working with Japanese? Do you feel your Japanese colleague or counterpart do not understand your point of view? Learn more about their history, culture and value, and have them understand yours. Work-related communication will be smoother in no time. Watch the video and let SpiceWorx help you.

Are you a Japanese working in the Philippines? Building a harmonious team between you and your local members may be a challenge. Watch the video and learn how SpiceWorx can help you transform from a confused expat into a confident global business leader.

SpiceWorx organized and delivered a “Five Day Mission Driven Business Challenge Program” which bundled a global business training  with a real market research mission for a real company in the Philippines.  It was an unique win-win solution for the Japanese IT engineering company who needed hands-on field experience for global business training and the Philippine based dietary supplement manufacturer who needed resources for market research. 

SPICEWORX's "Five Day Mission Driven Business Challenge Program" was featured on Manila Shimbun, a Japanese daily paper published in the Philippines.
(the article is only in Japanese and full access is given to paid subscribers)
SpiceWorx Training Program in Japanese Newspaper
The Five Day Mission Driven Business Challenge Program designed by SpiceWorx, in close collaboration with Bio-Normalizer Trading Philippines was a truly unique joint business training program for Japanese and Filipino professionals.  It featured a real business mission of a real company's real product as a main theme of the training.
A total of 18 participants, mix of Japanese and Filipino young professionals from IT industry, were given a mission to conduct a market research in Metro Manila, for Bio-Normalizer, a dietary supplement made from organically grown green carica papaya harvested in the Philippines.  In five days, the participants learned about the product, practiced how to pitch for it, conducted market research targeting four (4) different market segments, analyzed the data they gathered and formulated recommendations for the marketing strategy of Bio-Normalizer. 
On the last day all four (4) groups who researched their respective market segment delivered excellent presentations about their findings from the market research and recommendations for marketing the product in each segment. The research activity even generated some real leads. The top executives of Bio-Normalizer rated the result of the research very highly as it was significantly insightful and useful for their business. 
SpiceWorx has been organizing and coordination joint business training for Japanese and Filipinos since October 2009.  With the Five Day Mission Driven Business Challenge Program,  SpiceWorx brought the business training program out of the classroom and to the real field.

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