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Leadership and Technical Vitality Improvement Program for Software Development Company

SpiceWorx designed and facilitated a 11 month program on leadership improvement.

Leadership and Technical Vitality Improvement Program for Software Development Service Company's Young Managers

SpiceWorx designed and implemented a customized in-house program named "Leadership and Technical Vitality Improvement Progaram" for a Philippine based Japanese company providing software development service to Japan market.

Project Background: The client company is a mid-sized Japanese software development service company lead by a management team composed of a few senior Japanese executives and ten young Filipino managers and advisors. They have been experiencing a rapid growth in the past few years and they plan to expand at even faster pace in the future. As the size and complexity of organization increases and the types of projects in IT industry become more demanding in terms of both quality standard and delivery time frame, young Filipino leaders were facing the challenge of leading their subordinates, mostly software engineers, with good leadership and "Technical Vitality" their Japanese CEO wanted all employees to embrace.

Project Description: SpiceWorx and the counterpart department of the client company designed and implemented a highly customized leadership improvement program. SouceWorx's scope of services includes the following activities.

  1. Facilitated the "Kick-Off" of the program with attendance of the CEO and all participatign managers.
  2. Developed "Technical Vitality Assessment Framework and Tool" specifically reflecting the strategic intent of Japanese CEO and VP.
  3. Administered "Technical Vitality Assessment " to 25 members of the organization in Executives, Management and Supervisory position. Provided debriefing and feedback to the assessment participants and formulated recommendations to the top executives.
  4. Conducted two types of 3-Day Leadership Training, one for managers and another for supervisors, in partnership with a third party training service provider.
  5. Facilitated the development and implementation of individual action plans for leadership improvement by all ten managers participanting in the program. Quarterly monitoring of the progress has also been monitored and reported by SpiceWorx.
  6. Facilitated number of workshops where ten managers developed corporate level action plans to address the issues identified during the leadership training.
  7. Action Plan implementation review, monitoring will continue till December 2005 and SpiceWorx will report the final assessment.

Project Start Date: February 1, 2005

Scheduled Project Completion Date: December 20, 2005

Project Duration: 11 Months

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