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Kelphil, Inc. - Consultation Service on Trade Show Exhibit Preparation.

Customer name: Kelphil, Inc.

Type of project: Consultation Service on Trade Show Exhibit Preparation

Project description: KELPHIL, INC., based in Ortigas Center, Metro Manila, Philippines provides services in the fields of Architectural Design , Structural & Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Graphic (3D-CG), IT Development for Engineering and CAD/CAM, CAE Service.

Upon decision of its first participation to e-Service Philippines 2005, the largest trade show of IT and IT enabled services in the Philippines, to be held in Manila in February, 2005, KELPHIL, INC. engaged SpiceWorx to provide them with consultation services in the preparation for exhibition.

In the e-Services Philippines 2005 exhibition, KELPHIL, INC. will focus specifically on their 3D Computer Graphic Contents Development Services for overseas market. KELPHIL, INC.'s objective in participating this show is to boost awareness about the 3DCG software product "Shade" developed and licensed by by e-frontier, Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) in the Philippine market.

In September, 2004, e-frontier, Inc. and JFE Sekkei, Ltd. (Taito-ku, Tokyo), parent company of KELPHIL, INC. have agreed to establish a 3DCG contents production group in KELPHIL, INC. and to collaborate in the production of 3DCG contents. Participation to e-Service Philippines is one of KELPHIL's initiatives towards creating graphic artists and designers who can use Shade software as their designing / production tool.

SpiceWorx will work hand in hand with KELPHIL, INC. towards the goal of successful exhibition of KELPHIL's 3DCG services and Shade software at the e-Services Philippines, 2005.

Summary of Services by Spiceworx:

  • Exhibit conceptualization
  • Coordination and communication with the trade show organizers on behalf of KELPHIL, INC.
  • Coordination with graphic artists and exhibition partners in Japan
  • Administrative tasks (process application, handle billing, attending exhibitors' briefing, etc.)
  • Exhibition booth and equipment preparation
  • Exhibition evaluation reporting

Project start date: December 19, 2004

Project duration: 2.5 mos

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