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3DCG Seminar Planning & Implementation Consultation

Seminar on Japan's leading 3DCG software Shade 7 in Manila, Philippines sponsored by AOTS and implemented by KELPHIL, INC.

Customer name: KELPHIL, INC

Type of project: Consultation on Seminar Planning and Implementation, Event Website Design and Development with Flash Animation.

Project description: The Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) of Japan and KELPHIL, INC. conducted a five day free seminar & workshop on 3D Computer Graphic (3DCG) software featuring Japan's leading 3DCG software "Shade 7", for Filipino architects and graphic designers. The seminar has been successfully carried out during 6/28 – 7/2/2004 at Asia Pacific College (APC) in Metro Manila, Philippines with 30 participants, all completing the entire five days and creating impressive works using Shade 7 they have learned in the five day training.

In planning and implementing this seminar successfully, SpiceWorx provided the following services.

  • Seminar planning consultation service.
  • Evaluation of appropriate training venues and both commercial and technical coordination with the selected venue
  • Designing and developing web site for the seminar to gather applicants and monitoring of web access statistics
  • Designing and developing newspaper advertisement
  • Creation and distribution of e-mail invitations
  • Running advertisement campaign on Google AdWords and some other selected web site.
  • Evaluation of advertising media (channel) effectiveness

Technology applied: Flash Animation, PHP, & HTML

Project completion date: July 2, 2004

Project duration: 5 months

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