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SpiceWorx Coordinates a Cross Cultural Exposure Program in Manila for Rikkyo University (Tokyo)

Sunday, 25 August 2013 00:00

The College of Business of Rikkyo University in Tokyo, as part of their initiatives towards developing Japanese talents who can lead businesses in Asian market,  will conduct a cross cultural exposure program in Manila for its students from late August 2013.  Rikkyo University tapped SpiceWorx as their program coordinator in Manila.

The program prepared by SpiceWorx covers cross cultural communication, Philippine Economy, History, Culture, Filipino Language (Tagalog) and joint workshop with the students of the University of the Philippines (UP) to discuss what "happiness" is.  Japanese students will experience a deep emersion into a culture they are not familiar with.  Facilitators tapped by SpiceWorx include faculties of the University of the Philippines (UP), the top university of the Philippines, and cross cultural communication expert experienced around the world in UNICEF and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Further, field trips visiting a total of 6 companies in various industries will give them an excellent opportunity to understand business environment in the Philippines, an emerging country in ASEAN with impressive economic growth.

Rikkyo University students will go through a debriefing session where they reflect on what they have learned, discovered, and think how they will be applying the learning from the experience in their lives after the program. They will also be sharing their thoughts with fellow students by delivering a presentation individually.

There will be more and more opportunities for young Japanese to be engaged in businesses with emerging Asian economies in the coming years. The Philippines is currently enjoying an impressive economic growth under the leadership of President Aquino whose top agenda is to eliminate corruption. The country is also under the spotlight as one of the best service outsourcing destinations in the world, constructions are booming and Japanese manufacturers and restaurants are setting up in the country one after another.  On the other hand, the Philippines is plagued by high unemployment rate, poverty and huge gap between the poor and rich.

What SpiceWorx wants to do is to develop talents who will contribute, in the future, to expand and strengthen the business relationship between Japan and the Philippines. We do so by providing programs in which Japanese young generations can see, with their own eyes, what's happening in the Philippines, meet and talk with Filipinos of the same generation, deepen mutual understanding and nurture long lasting friendship.  Further, we hope that the graduates of our program will explore many other countries and expand their playing field to become a true global citizen.

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