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Global HR Development For Japanese Companies & Universities

SpiceWorx provides consultation and coordination services in organizing global human resource development training programs for Japanese enterprises and universities preparing their employees and students for global business. All training sessions are conducted in English.

What is unique in SpiceWorx approach is that we create a joint and cross cultural business training environment by mixing Filipino participants and visiting foreign participants in a program. Participants learn valuable insights and gain new skills not only from the instructor/facilitator but also from joint workshops, exercises, roleplaying and discussion with people from different cultural background.

For Filipino participants, our program offers an opportunity for cross-cultural joint training and networking, without leaving the country.
For visiting foreign participants who are mostly Japanese, Chinese and Koreans, our business training program serves as a gateway for doing real business using English, the global business language.

Key Programs

  • Global Manager's Program
  • Fresh Graduate Employees’ & Young Professionals Program
  • Mission Driven Business Program
  • IT Project Manager’s Program
  • Cross Cultural Exposure Program for Students

Our Graduates

As of May 2013, SpiceWorx and our partner G&S (Japan) have graduated 227 Japanese, 12 Chinese, 1 Korean and 73 Filipinos from our programs. 

And our graduates are working across Asia and other parts of the world. Our Global Human Resource Development program prepared the young professionals to be ready to face the global business challenges.

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