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About us

About us

Based in Manila, Philippines, at the heart of strongly growing ASEAN economies, SpiceWorx provides Global Human Resource Development Training, Customized Research & Survey, Corporate Planning Consulting & Advisory and Translation / Interpreter Services, which have been enjoying very high satisfaction rating from our clientele in Japanese government agencies, large Japanese enterprises, Filipino and other multinational companies and IT related industry associations.

SpiceWorx was named after a Japanese proverb, sansho wa kotsubu demo piriri to karai, which could be translated as "a pepper corn (spice) may be small but has great impact." We maintain a small core team of excellent people and do great works that impact the world positively, just like spices do to your cuisine. 

We enable great success of Asia born businesses in the global market by providing unique and high value added services founded on our deep knowledge and expertise in IT, IT Services and BPO industries.

Vision & Mission

Vision: "Catalyst of Business Success Born in Asia"


  1. To enable great success of Asia born businesses in the global market.
  2. To bring positive impact to the world by providing unique and high value services.

Take a glimpse of SpiceWorx historical events to easily understand our expertise on specific domains in the field of Information Technology where we could be of better service to you.

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