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IT Human Resource Needs Survey for JICA/UP-ITTC

SpiceWorx has successfully completed a survey on IT Human Resource Needs for  JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)  and University of the Philippines IT Training Center (UP-ITTC) . The survey was composed on both online questionnaire and face to face interview. Online questionnaire during November 16 to December 17, 2007 gathered responses from 66 IT service companies (mostly software development) and face to face interviews were conducted with 49 of them during November 27, 2007 to January 21, 2008. The survey result is expected to contribute to updating and
upgrading UP-ITTC's training curriculum and workshop contents to align them with the latest industry needs.


  • University of the Philippines IT Training Center (UP-ITTC) was opened in June 2005 under the partnership between JICA IT Human Resource Development Project (ITHRD) and UP, aiming to produce IT human resources equipped with skill required by the ICT industry.
  • The one-year full time course (1,600 training hours) of UP-ITTC is for fresh graduates and IT professionals with only a few years of industry experience and is designed to equip them with proper IT skills aligned with the current industry needs. From this course, 26 first batch graduated in April 2006 and 54 second batch graduated in April 2007.
  • UP-ITTC graduates are employed by ICT companies based in the Philippines and in Japan.
  • The 3rd batch of UP-ITTC full time course students, about 80 of them are working hard to acquire both technical skills and Nihongo proficiency targeting to graduate in April 2008.
  • During November 2007 to January 2008, JICA's IT Human Resource Development Project (ITHRD)
    conducted the 2nd industry needs survey (the first was conducted in 2004) in order to update and
    upgrade UP-ITTC's training curriculum and workshop contents to align them with the latest industry
  • Developing IT human resource that are quickly deployable in the industry is undoubtedly one of the most pressing challenge of the Philippines' ICT industry to continue the rapid growth it enjoyed in the past. For UP-ITTC to contribute to the industry through education and training to future Filipino ICT professionals, JICA ITHRD and UP-ITTC would like to hear from the industry what skills their graduates must be equipped with.

Objectives of the Survey:

  1. To gather specific and detailed information on Philippines' ICT industry's needs on ICT human resources (what skill to perform what task) so that UP-ITTC can align the training curriculum and workshop contents with updated industry needs.
  2. To get feedback from companies that employed graduates from UP-ITTC. (Assessment of the market value of UP-ITTC graduates.)

    SpiceWorx Consultancy was engaged to deliver the following.
    1) Data gathered by online questionnaire and interview surveys for achieving above objectives
    2) Report of initial findings and analysis

    Formulation of recommendations to UP-ITTC based on the survey findings was out of the scope of this

Survey Targets:

Potential employers of UP-ITTC graduates such as Software Development Companies, System Integrators, Embedded Systems Development Companies, Internet Data Centers, Telecommunication Service Providers, Internet Service Providers and IT Staff Augmentation Service Companies, including companies that hired UP-ITTC graduates in the past, members of JCCIPI Design Software Group and members of PSIA.)

Survey Methodology and Period:

  1. Phase 1: Online Questionnaire Survey (November 16, 2007 to December 17, 2007)
  2. Phase 2: Face to Face Interview with Respondents (November 27, 2007 to January 21, 2008)

Survey Respondents:

Survey invitations were sent to 186 IT / IT Service companies in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu and responses were received from 66 companies between November 16 and December 17, 2007. Response rate was 35%. Of the 66 respondent companies, 49 (74%) companies accepted participation in the face to face interview survey in the second phase and interviews to all these 49 companies were conducted between November 26, 2007 and January 21, 2008.

Survey Result Report:

The report is available for download from UP-ITTC website :  IT Human Resources Needs Survey Report (2007-2008) (PDF Format, 3.04MB)

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