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Customized Research Projects

Customized Research Projects

Leveraging our database, deep knowledge, expertise and network in the Philippines' IT/BPO industry, SpiceWorx assists both government and private organizations by providing customized research and study.

Appointed by Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) of Japan, SpiceWorx conducted a study on professional IT Human Resource Training needs in the Philippines. SpiceWorx designed the survey questionnaire, conducted survey among Philippine based software companies, compiled the survey result and delivered analysis report to CICC. Findings from the survey will be used as valuable inputs to the formulation of CICC's future plans on IT Human Resource development assistance (particularly training) for Asia. Questionnaire designed by SpiceWorx was used in the similar surveys in other countries in Asia.

Appointed by the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) of Japan, SpiceWorx conducted an assessment study on the implementation of Philippine National IT Standard (PhilNITS, formerly JITSE). The three months project of 12 project members successfully delivered the assessment of five years implementation of PhilNITS and recommendations for both Japan and the Philippines on what should be done for the future expansion of this certification program.

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