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Organization's Motivational Climate Survey

SpiceWorx designed and conducted survey on motivational climate on a mid sized software development service company. SpiceWorx also analyzed the result and formulated recommendations.

Motivational Climate Survey & Analysis for a Mid Sized Software Development Company

Project Description: Company X is a mid sized software development service company. They have been experiencing a rapid growth in the past couple of years. As the size and complexity of organization increases and the types of projects in IT industry become more demanding in terms of both quality standard and delivery time frame, not to mention cost, having good communication across the organization and having healthy motivational climate among employees has become even more critical than ever.

SpiceWorx conducted a survey among 45 employees who are in supervisory to managerial positions, analyzed and assessed the survey result and formulated 20 key recommendations to improve the organization’s motivational climate and communication.

Project Completion Date: July 31, 2004

Project Duration: 2 Months

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