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SpiceWorx conducted a 2-day Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop for TMJ Philippines BPO Services, Inc. (TMJP), who started their operation in the Philippines in December 2015. Nineteen (19) participants included the CEO and other Japanese expats as well as Filipino members of the company.

Through the workshop, participants realized that some (or many?) of the judgments they make every day are based on biased or wrong assumptions or ignorance of nonverbal contexts such as culture and values. 日本語版はこちら

昨年12月よりフィリピンでのオペレーションを開始されたTMJ Philippines BPO Services 様にて、2日間にわたり異文化コミュニケーションワークショップを開催させて頂きました。CEOをはじめとする日本人駐在員の皆さんと、フィリピン人の主要メンバー合わせて総勢19名がご参加下さいました。


フィリピン人メンバーが日本人に対して抱いているイメージや、日本人メンバーがフィリピン人に対して抱いているイメージなどの事前調査結果をみながら意見交換したり、新たな発見があったり・・・ Click here for ENGLISH version

The College of Business of Rikkyo University in Tokyo, as part of their initiatives towards developing Japanese talents who can lead businesses in Asian market,  will conduct a cross cultural exposure program in Manila for its students from late August 2013.  Rikkyo University tapped SpiceWorx as their program coordinator in Manila.

SpiceWorx was selected as a partner of Japan's major research firm to jointly create an investment environment guide for the Philippines targeting prospect investors from Japan.

SpiceWorx helps companies considering to invest in the Philippines or looking for business partner in the Philippines through research, consultation and advisory. Read the success story of one of our clients, a large Japanese education service company who found a reliable BPO partner in the Philippines.

SpiceWorx organizes and delivers customized training seminar programs for Japanese enterprise and universities in the Philippines. All programs are conducted in English and in a cross cultural environment having both Filipinos and Japanese participants together.

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