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Consulting & Advisory Projects

Consulting & Advisory Projects

Specializing in IT/BPO Industry, SpiceWorx provides valuable data, intelligence, insights and advisory to our clients' strategic planning processes.

SpiceWorx helps companies considering to invest in the Philippines or looking for business partner in the Philippines through research, consultation and advisory. Read the success story of one of our clients, a large Japanese education service company who found a reliable BPO partner in the Philippines.

SpiceWorx designed and facilitated a 11 month program on leadership improvement.

Kelphil, Inc. - Consultation Service on Trade Show Exhibit Preparation.

Seminar on Japan's leading 3DCG software Shade 7 in Manila, Philippines sponsored by AOTS and implemented by KELPHIL, INC.

SpiceWorx designed and conducted survey on motivational climate on a mid sized software development service company. SpiceWorx also analyzed the result and formulated recommendations.

SpiceWorx facilitated a 12 month program on strategic planning and implementation.

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